Attendance and Absence

There is a direct correlation between regular attendance and better attainment in schools.

Good attendance is 96% or above which has a positive impact on a child’s opportunities for progress and attainment.

Between 91% and 95% attendance will be closely monitored.

90% or below is classed as ‘persistent absence’ and school attendance meetings will be convened to address this.  90% attendance equates to half a day a week off school and to four complete weeks over a school year.  It also results in a negative impact on progress and attainment.

The cluster primary schools take a uniformed approach to parents taking their children on holidays within term times. This approach is in line with Wiltshire Council’s guidance.

We understand at times children will need to attend appointments for medical or dental reasons. We ask, wherever possible, that these appointments are arranged outside of the school day.

If you child is sick then we follow Public Health England guidelines regarding the period that a child needs to be kept from school. Please see that attached document.

Guidance on infection control in schools