At Wansdyke, we have the highest expectations of behaviour of pupils, during lessons, playtime and outside of school. We recognise that good behaviour underpins our whole school culture and standards.

The Wansdyke School Rules:






At Wansdyke School, we use a  Visual Behaviour Response System. This ensures all children know and understand:

  • The behaviours expected of them in the school
  • What level their behaviour is being judged as during the school day
  • What the process is if they moves down the behaviour chart

The system will work through several strands:

Individual: Following the Visual behaviour response system, children will be able to earn house points for their house. This is intended to encourage the children to take responsibility for their own behaviour and raise self-esteem.

Class: Each class will have a class reward system where collectively, they contribute towards a class treat.

School: We have four houses which each child will be placed into one (on entry to school). Individuals can earn ‘house points’ which will be collected on a card. At the end of each term, the house with the most points will win the cup and receive a house treat.

Wansdyke School Behaviour Policy

We acknowledge that incidents of bullying have occurred at Wansdyke School but aim to reduce the number of these incidents by creating a safe, caring environment where children are not afraid to talk about, and discuss bullying, and where they know they will be listened to sympathetically. We define bullying as “deliberate, unprovoked, physical or psychological harm by a more powerful child, adult or group, against a weaker child, adult or group”. It may be distinguished from normal rough and tumble play or other unacceptable forms of aggression in that it is often pre-meditated and usually forms a pattern of behaviour rather than an isolated incident, which is repeated over time.

Wansdyke School Anti-Bullying Policy

Wansdyke School Cyber-Bullying Policy

On rare occasions, the school may be required to exclude a child. When this happens, the school will consult the exclusions policy below:

Wansdyke School Exclusions Policy