Home / School Agreement

This Home – School Agreement exists to encourage:

A strong partnership between home and school through:

¨ Good home-school communication

¨ Parents and teachers working together

¨ Parents supporting their children’s learning at home effectively

¨ Parents supporting the work of the school

¨ School helping all children to reach their full potential and recognise success comes in different forms.

Agreement for parents

To help my child at school I will do my best to:

¨ To ensure your child comes to school regularly (in School Uniform), arrives and is collected on time.

¨ To make sure they have something to eat and drink before they come to school, so they are ready for learning.

¨ To ensure they go to bed at a reasonable time so they are not too tired to learn.

¨ To support the school’s behaviour policy.

¨ To talk to them about their day.

¨ To share the reading book with them and help with learning activities.

¨ To talk to the teacher or a member of staff if there is a problem that is affecting your child.

¨ To attend parent’s evenings.

¨ To encourage and praise your child sharing in their successes.

¨ To abide by the school’s policy on absence in term time

¨ Refrain from posting derogatory comments on social media about the school.

Agreement for the school:

At Wansdyke School our children grow in a happy and caring environment where they develop their

individuality. Wansdyke is a place where everyone is encouraged to achieve their own potential and nurture their own talents.

In line with our mission statement

¨ We provide children a secure, safe, happy and caring learning environment.

¨ We help children develop respect, concern and understanding for each other.

¨ We help build and nurture confidence and self-esteem.

¨ We give all children the chance to reach their full potential and recognise success comes in different forms.

¨ To talk to parents/carers about progress and concerns.