House Points

House points are used within the school to reward good behaviour. It should be a strong motivator for children to behave both in and out of class. Any member of staff within the school has the right to award housepoints.


House points could be awarded for the following things:

  • Excellent standard of work relative to the child.
  • Demonstrating excellent manners / thoughtfulness.
  • Showing good learning skills linked with the school’s learning to learn wheel.
  • Embodying the school rules at any time.


We aim to be consistent in the quantity of housepoints we distribute throughout the school and recognise, if siblings in different classes are on vastly different cards, they could become disengaged and parents may also question the validity of the system.

When children have completed a housepoint card, they should take it to the office. In the Friday assembly, children will come to the front of the school to receive their certificate as well as adding a ball to the housepoint collector.

Housepoints are totalled 3 times a year, with the winning house achieving the House Cup. They will receive a treat in the following term as a house.