Marking and Feedback

At Wansdyke School, we believe that marking and feedback is an essential element in learning. Marking and feedback is effective when children are made to see what they have done well and are encouraged to see for themselves what they need to improve, being given time to make changes and try alternative ideas.

Effective marking should be meaningful, manageable and motivating (Eliminating unnecessary workload around marking, March 2016). The quantity of marking should not be confused with the quality of marking, which is shown by what pupils learn from as a result of the marking from their teacher.

We mark the children’s work in order to –

  • Show work is valued and to praise
  • Demonstrate appreciation of children’s effort and skills demonstrated
  • Give feedback to children to inform them of their achievements and the next step in their learning
  • Inform future planning and learning
  • Evaluate and assess children’s learning
  • Ensure set tasks have been carried out to the expected standard


Children will respond to the marking, by being –

  • Encouraged to evaluate their own work before marking, taking into consideration the ‘Can I’ learning questions and any previously set targets in their books
  • Encouraged and given time to reflect after marking and take the opportunity to correct , practise or respond to any other given suggestions or questions