Sports Premium

The government is providing additional funding of £150 million each year to improve provision of physical education and sport in primary schools.  This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in school.  Each school receives £8000, plus £5 per pupil on roll in January.

At Wansdyke, we pride ourselves on being a happy and healthy place to learn.  We’ve developed an action plan to ensure this funding is invested (rather than ‘spent’) to maximise the long term impact of our PE provision for pupils and staff.

We closely monitor the impact of these initiatives through assessment of children’s skills, staff and pupil feedback, uptake of clubs etc.

Plans in 2017-18 include:

  • We are focusing on embedding and making the most of RealPE, ensuring all teachers are confident in its delivery and all children are developing themselves in a fun and engaging environment.
  • Investigating the installation of a multi-sports games area within the school. Because of the size of this project, the school will look to use 2 years of Sports Premium to bring this project to fruition.

Wansdyke School Sports Premium 2016-17 Budget and Impact review