Pupil Premium

At Wansdyke School we understand that challenging socio-economic circumstances can create additional barriers for children to succeed. However, evidence strongly suggests that these barriers can be overcome through excellent classroom teaching.

Although financial support is provided by the Government for schools, specifically for children who qualify for Pupil Premium, outstanding educational outcomes for these children are best achieved through outstanding practice in all classrooms.

This practice allows us to help all vulnerable children achieve the best possible outcomes according to their starting points.

For more information on:

  • How much money Wansdyke School has received via the Pupil Premium Grant
  • How Wansdyke School has spent their Pupil Premium Grant
  • How Wansdyke School plans to spend their future Pupil Premium Grant

Pupil Premium 2020/21 Review

Pupil Premium 2021/22 Strategy