Our Staff

Head Teacher: Mr Sam Heard (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Pip Hunt (Deputy Safeguarding Lead)


Teaching Staff

Early Years Teacher: Mrs Kathie Cooke and Mrs Rebecca Soellner

Year 1 Teacher (Monday - Wednesday):Mrs Susie Pettitt

Year 1 Teacher (Thursday - Friday) : Mrs Jess Bonser (EYFS and KS1 leader)

Year 2 Teacher: Mrs Victoria Warren

Year 3 Teacher: Mr Harry Fowler

Year 4 Teacher: (Monday - Thursday): Miss Jane Williams

Year 4 Teacher: (Friday): Mrs Laura Brown

Year 5 Teacher: Mrs Janet Lebarbier

Year 6 Teacher(Monday -Thursday): Mrs Lindsay Hann (SENCO and KS2 leader)

Year 6 Teacher (Fri): Mrs Pip Hunt (Deputy Headteacher)

CNRB Manager and Sun Teacher (Wednesday-Friday): Mrs Kirsty Newlove

Sun Teacher: (Monday-Tuesday) Mrs Carly Walsh

Sky Teacher: Mrs Julie Ryan

Sky Teacher: Mrs Alyce Stewart (Currently on maternity)


Support Staff

HLTA: Mrs Zoe Stevenson

HLTA: Mrs Louise Hubbard (Monday - Wednesday)

HLTA: Mrs Jenny Murray (Wednesday - Friday)

TA Mainstream: Mrs Jane Springett

TA Mainstream: Mrs Laura Hale

TA Mainstream: Mrs Kat Flack

TA Mainstream:  Mrs Kim Alexander

TA Mainstream and CNRB: Mrs Rebecca Reed

HLTA Resource Base and After School Club: Mrs Sue Groffman (Monday, Tuesday Thursday and Friday)

TA in Resource Base:  Mrs Jemma Clarke

TA in Resource Base: Miss Darcy McGuffog

TA in Resource Base: Mrs Emma O'Hare

TA in Resource Base:  Mrs Hannah Owen

TA in Resource Base:  Mrs Sarah Paradise

TA in Resource Base:  Mrs Carla Joyce

TA in Resource Base:  Miss Esme Burgess

TA in Resource Base:  Mrs Jenni Boddy


Breakfast Club, Lunchtime and After-School Club Leader: Mrs Sharon Sainsbury

Parent Support Advisor:   Mrs Jemma Clarke

ELSA: Mrs Nadine Bird

Office Administrators: Mrs Claire Holloway (Mon-Wed) & Mrs Sam Harris (Wed-Fri)

Caretaker:   Mr Andy Edwards



The school works with 'Direct Cleaning Services'