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Headteacher: Mr Sam Heard

Wansdyke SchoolDownlands Road, Devizes, SN10 5EF

Tel: 01380 725234

Our school admin officers, Ruth Watson (Mon-Wed) and Kerrin Gee (Thurs-Fri) will be happy to assist with any enquires and/or supply a paper copy of any information on the website

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If you require any documentation please contact our Admin Officers: Ruth Watson (Mon-Wed) & Kerrin Gee (Thurs-Fri)

Tel:01380 725234

Executive Head Teacher: Mrs Charlotte Robinson

Head Teacher: Mr Sam Heard

Chair of Academy Council: David Court

CNRB Manager: Hannah Knight

Tel:01380 725234

Data Protection Officer - Judicium Consulting Limited: Lead Contact - Craig Stilwell

Tel:0203 326 9174