Parents & Carers

At Wansdyke we value the partnership between home and school and the strength of working as a team around the child.

  • We encourage parents and carers to attend class assemblies and come in to school on a regular basis to celebrate their child’s successes.
  • We use ‘SeeSaw’ to share updates regularly about what children are doing in school and their achievements.
  • Some children also have a Home-School communication book for information sharing between home and school.
  • All staff enjoy working closely with parents to get the best for the children.
    How is extra support allocated to children and how do they progress in their learning?
  • All children receive high quality differentiated teaching and quality first teaching which matches children’s needs.
  • Where additional support is needed, such as an intervention programme, the class teacher will liaise with the SEND Manager (and the Headteacher if the support requires an allocation of staffing) to develop a personal support programme for the child.
  • All interventions and programmes of support are used to narrow the gap between a child’s attainment and the attainment of their peers
  • Additional support and provision is personalised to meet the needs of the individual. Where a higher level of support and provision may be needed, the SEN Review process is used to look at next steps.
  • For children who have a My Plan/EHCP or Statement of SEN, they are allocated a ‘banding’ which links to funding. The school, alongside parents, carers and other professionals involved in supporting a child’s needs decide how the allocated banding and funding is used to best meet an individual child’s needs

What training and development is there for staff supporting children with SEND?

  • Key members of staff, including class teachers and teaching assistants attend training to meet the individual needs of children, especially for those children who have specific medical needs.
  • The SEND Manager supports training and staff development through staff meetings, training days and teaching assistant meetings.
  • Some of our teachers and teaching assistants have training in specific interventions and expertise is shared among staff.
  • Our SEND Manager attends SENCo Network Meetings and SENCo Cluster Meetings which include training and the sharing of good practise which is then shared with staff.

How are children supported in making a positive transition to their next school or phase of education?

  • Staff work closely with other schools and their approaches to transition when a child is moving schools or phases.
  • Class teachers work alongside each other to ensure a smooth transition from class to class within the school.
  • For some children, additional transition arrangements are made in collaboration with another school to ensure that their transition is positive. This may include having members of the new school come and visit them at Wansdyke, have a key member of staff from Wansdyke go with the child to visit their new school and can also include the development of additional visual resources to support the transition process.
  • We also work as closely as possible with schools that may have a pupil making a transition to Wansdyke.
  • Transition from class to class and from setting to setting is personalised as much as possible to meet the needs of an individual.

What further development is planned within the school to develop provision for children with SEND?

  • The development of a ‘This is Me’ for those children who are needing a low level of additional support or who have needs that need to be made explicit to those who may be working alongside and supporting the child. This will be used as an early intervention to support children and may result in children not needing additional SEND support later in their school career.
  • The SEND Manager took over the role of supporting our mainstream learners with SEND in September 2016 and is constantly looking at how she can improve the provision for all learners. We would like to hear what you think of our SEND provision here at Wansdyke and would value your feedback and ideas.

Who can I contact if I need further information?

Hannah Knight, CNRB Manager, or telephone (01380) 725234.

How can I raise concerns if I need to and with whom?

Concerns should first be raised with the class teacher, alternatively, you may wish to raise concerns with one of the following people:

  • Miss Hannah Knight, Complex Needs Resource Base Manager
  • Miss Carly Walsh, Rainbow Class Teacher and SENCo
  • Mr Sam Heard, Headteacher

You may also wish to follow our Complaints Procedure, information for which can be found on the policies page.

Please follow the below link to view all of our policies, including our SEND Policies:

Wansdyke School Policies